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Birds of Ontario

Birds of Ontario Cover

"Birds of Ontario" is an attractive and highly approachable...field guide that will be of particular value to novice and intermediate birdwatchers. The text includes pertinent information on bird identification, size, status, habitat, nesting, feeding, voice, similar species, and the best sites to locate species. Each of the 318 species' accounts fills an entire page and includes a general description of the bird, a range map, plus a large and colourful illustration; in many cases, interesting trivia and background information is also noted. Birds of Ontario has a number of features that make identification much easier for the amateur birder. For example, the different groupings of birds (e.g. waterfowl, woodpeckers) have colour-coded tabs that make finding species within the text quick and easy, and the thumbnail illustrations at the beginning of the book will no doubt help to direct curious birdwatchers to the correct identity of new birds. The volume also includes a number of additional features that will make it all the more valuable. The Introduction includes helpful tips on birds and birdwatching, and highlights a number of excellent birding spots around the province, as well as listing many birding 'hotlines.' From a practical perspective, the book will fit comfortably in most jacket pockets, making it easier to use in the field. With its provincial focus and popular format, Birds of Ontario will no doubt make a very valuable addition to the birdwatching scene.
— Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Öno guide we have seen gives as much information about birds and their behaviourÖthe author attempts to bring the birds to life by describing their various character traits. It is here that "Birds of Ontario" excels.