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Famous Canadian Actors
The Stories Behind Today's Popular Hollywood Celebrities
Famous Canadian Actors Cover
Canada has contributed some of the most recognizable names and faces to the marquees of Hollywood. Here is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at their humble beginnings, discovery, successes and failures:
Jim Carrey, the man with the elastic face, whose rendition of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective brought him comedic stardom and now a salary of $25 million per picture
Keanu Reeves, who started his acting career with the CBC, found his star with Speed and has defined a new style of hero as Neo in The Matrix series
Carrie-Anne Moss, a Vancouver native whose career is still climbing, also found fame through The Matrix series
Mike Myers, best known for Wayne's World, Austin Powers and the voice of Shrek, honed his wonderful characterizations as part of the Saturday Night Live gang
Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City fame, is an actor with a long career in television and movies
Brendan Fraser, who found his rising star in The Mummy series, first came to notice as the endearing, bumbling Encino Man
Pamela Anderson, whose discovery at a football game led to a long run on Baywatch and a place in the tabloids
Dan Aykroyd, who got his start with the Canadian Second City players, created many memorable characters for Saturday Night Live before his success in Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers
Kiefer Sutherland, son of Donald Sutherland and grandson of Tommy Douglas, has kept his star shining brightly with the hit TV series 24, in which he both acts and produces
Michael J. Fox, whose beginnings with the TV series Family Ties led him to stardom in the Back to the Future series. His courageous fight with Parkinson's disease has become an emblem of dignity.

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