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Haunted Highways
Ghost Stories and Strange Tales
Haunted Highways Cover
Lights on the road. Ghost hitchhikers. Eerie covered bridges. In this fascinating collection, Dan Asfar shows how ordinary streets and highways can suddenly become terrifying haunts. Based on true accounts, these stories may force you to think twice before driving along isolated roads late at night.

Massachusetts' Hoosac Tunnel, whose construction claimed the lives of nearly 200 men, is haunted by two ghosts who learned about nitroglycerine the hard way;

phantom hoofbeats echo along a rural road in Georgia - spectral remnants of a devout man's unusual attempts to outrun the Devil;

the Yorkshire Highwaymen, long-dead bandits who robbed innocents of their valuables centuries ago, horrify an eyewitness near Yorkshire, England;

in Jefferson County, Kentucky, a ghostly roadster careens recklessly along "Hot Rod Haven" - a treacherous strip where many racers perished;

after returning home from World War I, a heartbroken soldier dies in a tragic motorcycle accident, causing a mysterious light to appear near his former home in Ohio;

perched ominously atop her phantom chariot, Queen Boadicea terrifies travelers near an ancient battlefield in rural England;

in New Brunswick, a woman's face inexplicably appears in the smoldering remains of Keenan Bridge;

long considered a miracle of the unexplained, Paulding Light attracts skeptics and believers alike to Michigan's Upper Peninsula;

eyewitnesses narrate their strange experiences on Highway 666, one of the Southwest's most infamous and unsettling routes.

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