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Birds of Victoria
and Vicinity

Robin Bovey
robin_bovey Photo ROBIN BOVEY is a biologist by training and the author of half a dozen books of natural history. He spent many years working in environmental conservation both in England and Canada. Over the past fifteen years, Robin has devoted a lot of energy to humanitarian work with the International Red Cross in such places as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Darfur and East Timor. While in Mozambique eight years ago, he taught himself to turn wood on a lathe. He now maintains a workshop in the northern Portugal village of Covas next to a gallery that houses his work. His pieces have been bought by collectors in Europe, southern Africa, Canada and the USA.

Wayne Campbell
wayne_campbell Photo Biologist WAYNE CAMPBELL is the author of over 50 books and more than 500 scientific and popular articles on mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. For 20 years he was the curator of Ornithology at the Royal British Columbia Museum. He was also a senior research scientist with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. Wayne is a co-founding director of the Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies, a registered non-profit society that houses the largest regional databases for wildlife information in North America.

Bryan Gates
bryan_gates Photo BRYAN GATES is a native British Columbian who brings with him an exciting and diverse professional career. Extensive experience in the management of birds and mammals, coastal resources, forestry, and energy developments have given him an appreciation of the competing demands placed on wilderness and the environment. He earned a Master of Science degree in wildlife management at the University of British Columbia and has worked in that province for more than 30 years. He is past president of the Association of Professional Biologists of British Columbia. Although Bryan has devoted extensive time to the study of marine and terrestrial mammals, his special interest is in birds. In his free time he teaches introductory ornithology and bird identification at the college level in Victoria and is very active in natural history organizations. He has travelled throughout much of British Columbia in search of its 450 species of birds.