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River Fairies
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Yvonne Harris
yvonne_harris Photo Yvonne Harris is a marathon canoeist who has competed eight times in the longest canoe race in the world, an event in which she and her partner held the women’s record. This avid outdoorswoman has guided whitewater raft trips and has spent many summers on family canoe trips. Her passion for extreme sports blends with her enjoyment of rugged hikes and casual family walks. Yvonne has hiked all the trails in the O‘ahu guide, some many times, and brings her career in environmental planning to the carefully researched maps that are the feature of every hike in this book. Deeply interested in the natural and human history of Hawai‘i, her work on the hiking guide shows respect for the indigenous people of the island and appreciation for the natural environment. She has used her wide outdoor experience to write several children’s books. Yvonne and her husband, Paul Harris, now reside near Vancouver, British Columbia.