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Weird Facts about Canadian Hockey
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Weird Facts about Canadian Hockey Cover
Hockey, our national sport, is played everywhere from urban cul-de-sacs to NHL arenas. Games are rife with tales of the odd, the strange, the funny and, occasionally, the disturbing side of hockey history:
• in 1976, Maple Leafs coach Red Kelly installed pyramids in the players' dressing room and under the bench in an attempt to harness "pyramid power"
• the Cusimano brothers started the tradition of "octopus hurling" during the 1952 playoff games
• in 1950, Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens became the New York Rangers' home ice because Madison Square Garden was occupied by the more lucrative circus
• a grasshopper invasion and 29?C temperatures sabotaged a 1991 exhibition game
• in 1930, Toronto Maple Leafs' general manager Conn Smythe placed a winning bet on a longshot horse to pay the cash-strapped Ottawa Senators for star player Frank "King" Clancy
• after a hard-fought win in the 1972 NHL playoffs, goaltender Bruce Gamble discovered after the fact that he had suffered a heart attack while minding the net
• after winning the Stanley Cup in 1924, the Montréal Canadiens left the precious trophy sitting in the snow by the side of the road!
And many more...

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