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Hockey's Hottest Players
The On- & Off- Ice Stories of the Superstars
Hockey's Hottest Players Cover
Sports journalist Arpon Basu profiles today's rising stars in--or soon to be in--the National Hockey League. He looks not only at their on-ice performance and statistics but also probes the human story behind their victories and struggles, revealing the journey they've taken to reach the highest echelons of their
Sidney Crosby, the 18-year-old hockey phenom whom Wayne Gretzky predicts will break some of his own records
Jerome Iginla, the tough and talented leader of the Calgary Flames and one of the few black superstars to emerge in professional hockey
Rick Nash, the youngest player in NHL history to win the league's goal-scoring title
Zdeno Chara, the Slovakian-born defensive star of the Ottawa Senators--and at 6 feet 9 inches the tallest player in NHL history
Vincent Lecavalier the remarkable player from Qubec who led his Tampa Bay Lightning team to the Stanley Cup Championship in 2004
Dany Heatley who first made headlines with his amazing puck-handling skills and scoring ability but whose talents were overshadowed by a car accident that changed his life forever.
And many others...

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