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World's Greatest Soccer Players
Today's Hottest Superstars
World's Greatest Soccer Players Cover
To some it's a game, to others, a religion. Soccer is the world's most-watched sport, with fans around the globe cheering on their favorite stars from local clubs to World Cup teams. Read the stories of the greatest players on the field today:

* David Beckham is a celebrity who continues to catch the world's attention on and off the pitch
* Ronaldinho was named FIFA World Player in 2004 and 2005 and FIFPro World Player in 2005
* Pavel Nedved, the great Czech midfielder, is now winning games for Juventus in Italy
* Wayne Rooney, working-class Liverpool teen, is well on his way to superstardom
* Thierry Henry came from a Parisian ghetto to become one of the fastest strikers to ever play the game
* Djibril Cisse, known for his speed, acceleration and distinctive hairstyles, is making a comeback from an injury that almost cost him his leg
* Zinedine Zidane, the French midfielder, scored the winning goal in the 1998 World Cup
* Francesco Totti is the Italian star forward whose great talent is often overshadowed by his turbulent personality
* Frank Lampard, who came from a great soccer family, was voted England's 2004/2005 Player of the Year.

And many moreÖ

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