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Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws
The Voyageurs
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Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Cover
Two mischievous heroes, Rabbit and Bear Paws, are up to their games again in Volume 2: The Voyageurs.Rabbit and Bear Paws join the Voyageurs to take furs from Lake of the Woods to Montreal. They experience all the trials and tribulations of being a Voyageur. Our young heroes face the life of a Voyageur with bravery, as they are confronted by thieves and dangers around every river bend." an informative and entertaining way for North Americans of all ages to learn more about First Nation history, cultures, and traditions." óJohn Beaucage, Grand Council Chief of the 42 member communities of the Anishinabek Nation

"As a Mohawk educator for over 20 years, I am inspired to see the next generation of writers taking a risk and using this unique genre with kids. It is the strength and spirit of the writers who not only bring our stories to the next generation but they ensure they will be there for many generations. I appreciate the effort to make use of authentic information from many nations. As far as Rabbit is concerned, Joseph's family wishes to encourage him in his attempts to learn Lacrosse, what we call the creator's game! An excellent story!" óTerry Lynn Brant, Mohawk Nation, Turtle Clan, 8th generation descendant of Joseph Brant.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9739906-2-1
ISBN-10: 0-9739906-2-7
Page Count: 32
Dimensions: 8.50" x 11.00"
Series # 2