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Fallen Officers
Canadian Police in the Line of Fire
Fallen Officers Cover
Every day, Canadian police put their lives on the line to bring safety and security to our communities. Fallen Officers is a memorial to the men and women shot in the line of duty. Their heroic stories and tragic sacrifices deserve to be remembered:

* Four Mounties from Mayerthorpe were shot while trying to apprehend James Roszko, who was suspected of having a marijuana grow-operation on his property

* In a high-risk drug raid gone horribly wrong, Basil Parasiris shot Laval Constable Daniel Tessier to death before surrendering

* After pulling over a truck for failing to turn down its high beams, Constable Dennis Strongquill was gunned down by Robert Mario Sand, who was the subject of a Canada-wide warrant

* Veteran Corporal Jim Galloway was shot by Martin Ostopovich, a diagnosed schizophrenic, as Ostopovich tried to flee from police

* Constable Marc Bourdages and single mother Constable Robin Cameron are killed by Curtis Dagenais after pursuing him near Mildred, Saskatchewan

* An all-out manhunt ensued when the body of Constable Christopher Worden was discovered at an apartment building in Hay River, Northwest Territories.

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