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My Country is Hockey
How Hockey Explains Canadian Culture, History, Politics, Heroes, French-English Rivalry and Who We Are as Canadians
My Country is Hockey Cover
Author Brian Kennedy explores the deep roots of Canadaís hockey obsession, which has become an integral piece of our national mythology. From the origins of the game in Mi'kmaq culture to Olympic gold, he delves into how the game explains who we are as Canadians. From Rocket Richard to Wayne Gretzky, our heroic ideals draw from hockey culture. Rivalries between regions, languages and cities are played out in the hockey arena, and our values and spirit of identity have been shaped by the toughness and teamwork on the ice.

"An intelligent and reflective look at hockey's place in the fabric of Canadian society, Kennedy nicely leads the reader down a path that is, in places nostalgic, and at other times, confronts the issues that bedevil the game today. Might be the best read of the current season's hockey offerings."

-Eric Duhatschek, sports columnist, Globe & Mail, and winner of the Hockey Hall Of Fameís Elmer Ferguson award for distinguished contributions to hockey writing

"Forever it has been a kind of cultural shorthand in a place that has struggled with other modes of self-definition: Canada equals hockey and hockey equals Canada. But it is no longer really so simple, for the game or for the place, as Brian Kennedy explains in My Country is Hockey. Canada has changed and hockeyís global footprint has changed, even as that defining myth and the faith in 'hockey values' remain incredibly powerful."

-Stephen Brunt, sports columnist, Globe & Mail, and author of Searching for Bobby Orr and Gretzkyís Tears

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