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Hiking the Ancient Forests of British Columbia and Washington

Randy Stoltmann
randy_stoltmann Photo RANDY STOLTMANN was an author, a mountaineer, and a much-respected activist for the preservation of what remains of British Columbia's old growth forest. He died at the age of 32 when, in May, 1994, he was struck by an avalanche as he led skiers down a mountain in the Kitlope area. Prior to his death, Stoltmann crusaded for preservation of the Etaho/Upper Lillooet wilderness in the southern Coast Mountains west of Whistler, the largest region of unroaded wilderness near Vancouver. Following Randy's death, the region came to be called the Stoltmann Wilderness. The region remains under threat from logging companies to this day. The Western Canada Wilderness Committee continues to lobby Ottawa to declare the Stoltmann Wilderness a national park.