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Wetland Plants of Ontario

Steven Newmaster
steven_newmaster Photo DR. STEVEN G. NEWMASTER is curator of the OAC Herbarium at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, based at the University of Guelph. Steve is author of more than 30 publications including the new released Flora Ontario, several botanical field guides such as Wetland plants of Ontario, several book chapters, more than a dozen Journal articles on biodiversity and several government reports on ecosystem management and conservation.

Alan Harris
alan_harris Photo ALAN G HARRIS is a biologist with 15 years experience in northern Ontario. He is cofounder of Northern Bioscience, an ecological consulting company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He also spent seven years as a biologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. His most recent focus has been on land classification and wetland ecology in northwestern Ontario.

Linda Kershaw
linda_kershaw Photo LINDA KERSHAW has been an avid naturalist since childhood and focused her studies on botany at the University of Waterloo, earning her master's degree in 1976. Following her education, she has worked as a consultant and researcher in northwestern Canada and as an editor/author in Edmonton, while pursuing her two favorite pastimes--photography and illustrating.