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Wildlife and Trees in British Columbia

Mike Fenger
mike_fenger Photo Mike Fenger is a private consultant following a career in environmental protection with the BC government. He was raised in the forestry community of Terrace and graduated from the University of British Columbia School of Forestry. For 26 years Mike has worked on the biology and conservation side of forestry, from habitat surveys to environmental impacts and advice on forest management [practices most likely to sustain forest biodiversity.

Todd Manning
todd_manning Photo Todd Manning is a habitat forester, wildlife ecologist and arborist.

John Cooper
john_cooper Photo John Cooper is a wildlife biologist who specializes in ornithology, wildlife biodiversity studies and environmental impact assessments. John has worked as a biologist throughout British columbia for 27 years and has produced numerous books, papers and articles on wildlife. In 2001 he completed with his co-authors, The Birds of British Columbia books This was a 20- year project that compiled information on all bird species in British Columbia. John's interest in birds and wildlife was inspired by his parents and several special friends who showed him how exciting it was to look for something and to find it.