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Birds of Los Angeles
Including Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Orange Counties

Chris Fisher
chris_fisher Photo CHRIS FISHER is a university-educated naturalist with a research background in endangered species management and wildlife interpretation. He has conducted extensive birding expeditions throughout Canada, the United States and Thailand, and he has authored or co-authored several bird books.

Herbert Clarke
herbert_clarke Photo An avid birder since childhood, Herbert Clarke has studied birds all over the world, with special emphasis on California. He is the author of An Introduction to Northern California Birds and An Introduction to Southern California Birds, and is coauthor of Birds of the West. His writings and photographs have appeared in many prestigious books, magazines, and natural history publications. Each year, in addition to his frequent travels, he leads tours, gives illustrated lectures, and instructs classes on birds. Clarke makes his home in Glendale, California, together with his wife and constant field companion, Olga.