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Mammals of the Rocky Mountains

Chris Fisher
chris_fisher Photo CHRIS FISHER is a university-educated naturalist with a research background in endangered species management and wildlife interpretation. He has conducted extensive birding expeditions throughout Canada, the United States and Thailand, and he has authored or co-authored several bird books.

Don Pattie
don_pattie Photo DON PATTIE is a biology professor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In recent years Dr. Pattie has been involved in developing a national training program for zoo personnel. He has co-authored a number of books on mammals in western Canada and the United States.

Tamara Hartson
tamara_hartson Photo TAMARA HARTSON, who also writes under the name TAMARA EDER, grew up with a fascination for nature and the diversity of life. Encouraged by her parents, Tamara was equipped from the age of six with a canoe, a dip net and a note pad. She has a degree in environmental conservation sciences and has photographed and written about the biodiversity in Bermuda, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Basin, China, Tibet, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. When she is not traveling, Tamara enjoys writing and studying biodiversity. To date, she has authored or co-authored more than two dozen nature books.