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Birds of Northern California

David Fix
david_fix Photo David Fix is a well-respected Ďbirderí in northern California. A life-long obsession with birds began for David as a four-year-old playing in his sandbox in the Pacific Northwest. He began to seriously study birds as a teenager. Work as a timber cruiser and tree planter in the Oregon and Washington Cascade exposed him to the songs and plumage of forest birds. For over twenty years David has been a sub-regional editor for the quarterly journal North American Birds. He also contributes frequent essays, poetry and artwork to the Sandpiper, the newsletter of the Redwood Regional Audubon Society. David was among the authors of a book published last year called "Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Humboldt County", the culmination of 5 years of field work in northwestern California involving almost 100 volunteers and 5 years of compilation .

Andy Bezener
andy_bezener Photo Andy Bezener is a nature writer, photographer and biologist who works as BC's Great Basin program manager for Partners in Flight, an international organization dedicated to preserving and protecting bird populations.