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Ghost Stories of Washington
Ghost Stories of Washington Cover
Disembodied whispers, fading screams and moans from behind walls. Phantom footsteps on the stairs. Furniture scraping across the floor. Doorknobs slowly turning.... The ghostly tales range from long-dead relatives returning for a last look at a loved one, to flashing lights and crashing noises in the unoccupied upstairs of the old house down the road.

Two showbiz sisters appear in a Seattle-area dancehall long after their days on the stage have past;

hikers in the Cascades are warned not to take a route by a man killed on the same treacherous path;

a brawl between two long-dead lovers occurs above a bedroom in Seattle's historic Georgetown district;

a man wrongly lynched near Rockford swears revenge on the drunken vigilantes who strung him up - they each die screaming;

a phantom bank manager and other spirits are spotted in the Seattle Underground;

a spirit hangs out in Port Townsend's luxurious Manresa Castle;

a troupe of ghosts inhabits Bellingham's Mount Baker Theater, while a spirit named Shorty calls Yakima's Capitol Theater home;

a musical phantom in deserted buildings at Gonzaga University;

spirits ring the bells in the tower of Tacoma's Old City Hall - even after the bells have been made unusable.

Murder and tragedy are woven together with mystery and misfortune in this chilling collection of tales from the paranormal.

Price: Canada $14.95    U.S.A. $12.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-55105-260-1
ISBN-10: 1-55105-260-1
Page Count: 232
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Series # 1