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Fish of the Rockies
Includes Best Fishing Spots

Bill Gould
bill_gould Photo BILL GOULD is a professor at New Mexico State University and an expert in biometrics, the measurement of wildlife populations to determine accurate ecological and biological models.

David Propst
david_propst Photo DAVID PROPST has served for more than 20 years as a biologist with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. He has played a leadership role in the recovery of endangered species and the protection of habitat in southwestern New Mexico.

Michael Sullivan
michael_sullivan Photo Michael Sullivan is the provincial fisheries science specialist with Alberta Environment and a consultant to federal and provincial governments on fisheries management and protecting the aquatic ecosystem. He has conducted extensive research into the causes of fish stock depletion and the design of effective management strategies for maintaining fish populations. His strategies have been adopted by fisheries management agencies in British Columbia, Ontario and Wisconsin. An award-winning athlete in the biathlon, Michael is an all-round outdoorsman who enjoys scuba diving, fishing and hunting, bird-watching and ice-climbing. His research has sometimes kept him in the field year-round and he is as at home mushing a dog team in the frozen north as canoeing down a river.