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Gardening Month by Month in the Maritimes

Duncan Kelbaugh
duncan_kelbaugh Photo Duncan Kelbaugh is well known to many New Brunswick gardeners as a result of his frequent television appearances on such programs as Roger Cable's Focus NB and The Maritime Gardener (TVNB). He also is the garden columnist for the Saint John Telegraph Journal. Duncan owns Brunswick Nurseries, a greenhouse operation he started 27 years ago. He is a certified horticultural technician with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from the University of New Brunswick. Gardening Month by Month in the Maritimes is Duncan's first book.

Alison Beck
alison_beck Photo ALISON BECK has been gardening since she was a child. She has a diploma in Horticulture and a degree in Creative Writing. Alison is the coauthor of several best-selling gardening guides, and her books showcase her talent for practical advice and her passion for gardening.