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Iowa Birds

Ann Johnson
ann_johnson Photo Ann Johnson has been birding for most of her life. A past officer of the Iowa Ornithologists' Union and current Secretary of the Iowa Rare Bird Records Committee, Ann is a frequent contributor to the state journal, Iowa Bird Life. She is involved in Iowa's Important Bird Areas program and acts as an advisor to the Iowa Department of Natural Resource's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan. Ann has led birding trips throughout the United States and Mexico for many years,and when not out birding, she can be found at her computer where she administers the Iowa Ornithologists' Union website:

Jim Bangma
jim_bangma Photo Jim Bangma is an accomplished nature photographer and author who has travelled the planet. Based in New Jersey, Jim contributes to a number of national and international birding publications. Since 1985 he has led tours for New Jersey Audubon and other organizations, with tour members crediting Jim with the ability to not only find birds but to make it fun. Jim began adding Iowa birds to his life list of bird sightings at age 13 while on family vacations. He has traveled extensively throughout both the eastern and western hemispheres, amassing a very respectable life list.

Gregory Kennedy
gregory_kennedy Photo GREGORY KENNEDY has been an active naturalist since he was very young. He is the author of many books on natural history, and has also produced film and television shows on environmental issues and indigenous concerns in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, South and Central America, the High Arctic and elsewhere.