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Compact Guide to Saskatchewan and Manitoba Birds

Alan Smith
alan_smith Photo An exacting scientist, inspired wildlife artist and all-around outdoor enthusiast, Alan Smith has traveled Saskatchewan extensively seeking the records of fellow birders and in search of new bird sightings. First inspired by his fourth grade teacher in Saskatoon, Alan joins the ranks of the many distinguished naturalists who have chronicled Saskatchewan's unique bird population for over 250 years. He is the author of Atlas of Saskatchewan Birds, a comprehensive guide chronicling bird sightings in Saskatchewan, and is a veteran of Canadian Wildlife Service. His career has taken him all over Saskatchewan and to faraway places such as the High Arctic to study seabirds and Costa Rica to study North American songbirds. Most recently, he has been involved in the establishment and operation of the Last Mountain Bird Observatory on the north shore of Last Mountain Lake

Ken De Smet
ken_de_smet Photo KEN DE SMET is an endangered species biologist with the Manitoba provincial government and has conducted research and conservation efforts for a variety of declining grassland bird species in southwestern Manitoba since the mid-1980s. He participates on numerous recovery teams for species at risk in Manitoba. Ken has also coordinated breeding bird survey efforts in the province for over 20 years and participates in a number of other volunteer wildlife monitoring initiatives.

Krista Kagume
krista_kagume Photo KRISTA KAGUME is a nature writer who has travelled across North America, working as a freelance journalist, cycling-tour guide and deckhand on a commercial fishing vessel. After earning her degree in conservation biology, Krista focused on environmental research and communications. She remains an avid cyclist and frequently heads off the beaten path in searh of wildlife and plants.