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Garden Bugs of Alberta
Gardening to Attract, Repel and Control

Ken Fry
ken_fry Photo Dr. Ken Fry teaches entomology in the school of Horticulture at Olds College. He has been involved in insect pest management research and teaching for over 12 years. Nine of those years were spent as a research scientist with the Alberta Research Council. His research is focused on biological control of insect pests and integrated pest management. Ken has never met a bug he didnít like, or at least for which he has a grudging respect.

Doug Macaulay
doug_macaulay Photo Douglas Macaulay works as an Alberta Agriculture agroforester in Peace River country, where he helps farmers manage, understand and identify the beneficial and pest insects they encounter. Avocationally, Doug is a keen lepidopterist (i.e., he studies butterflies and moths) and spends volunteer time monitoring species populations. He has a degree in Biology from the University of Alberta.

Don Williamson
don_williamson Photo DON WILLIAMSON, the author or coauthor of more than a dozen popular gardening guides, has a degree in horticultural technology and professional certificates in turf management. He has extensive experience designing and constructing both perennial and annual beds in formal landscape settings.