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Weather of Ontario

Phil Chadwick
phil_chadwick Photo PHIL CHADWICK was educated at Queen's University and has been a professional meteorologist since 1976. Phil worked from Edmonton to Halifax with several stops in between, but most of his meteorological career has been in Ontario as a severe weather meteorologist and researcher. Phil was an instructor with the Training Branch of the Meteorological Service of Canada in the mid-1980s where he first became known as ''Phil the Forecaster.'' He is also an accomplished oil painter whose weather-oriented works have been featured in numerous Canadian galleries.

Bill Hume
bill_hume Photo BILL HUME started his career in atmospheric sciences in 1971 with Environment Canada in Toronto. He attained a Master's degree in meteorology from the University of Alberta in 1975 and has spent most of his working career in Edmonton and Calgary. He has experience in most aspects of meteorology including weather forecasting, climatology, air quality science and atmospheric research. He has taught meteorology at the University of Alberta and served on several national committees including the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. Now retired, Bill lives with his wife Judy in Edmonton.