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Alpine Plants of the Northwest
Wyoming to Alaska
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Alpine Plants of the Northwest Cover
Two of the Northwestís most respected nature writers have collaborated
once again to produce an outstanding field guide to the plants that
grow at high elevation, above the tree line, in the mountain systems of
the Western Cordillera. The book features more than 500 plants found
in the alpine regions of western North America. MacKinnonís and Pojarís
rich and engaging notes on each species include descriptions of the
unique characteristics of each plant, as well as of its habitat and range.
The book features full-colour photographs throughout.
Whether you are a professional botanist, a mountain guide, an amateur
naturalist or simply an outdoor enthusiast who loves to brave the high
country, you will find this book of immense value. Among other virtues,
it will help to enhance your appreciation of the fragility and vitality of
this unique group of plants, and to realize the need for care and responsibility
when navigating alpine meadows and mountain slopes.

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