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Crazy Horse
Warrior Spirit of the Sioux
Crazy Horse Cover
Crazy Horse, the famous Oglala Sioux war chief, was a complex and mysterious leader who crusaded against the relentlessly encroaching tide of surveyors, gold seekers and settlers in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He was a brave and generous man with his people, but the U.S. government saw him as a murderer and a dangerous obstacle in the path of its western expansion. Even today, the great chief's legacy remains as monumental as the Crazy Horse Memorial that is now being carved out of a mountain in the Black Hills:
The shy young Sioux suffers as a child, as a result of both his mother's suicide and his unusual curly hair and light skin undaunted and in search of spiritual guidance, Crazy Horse goes on a vision quest that hints of future greatness.
He soon becomes known for his courage in raids on rival bands.
To his surprise, he is chosen to be a member of an elite warrior group that carries out the decisions of the council.
He is the brilliant war chief whose crushing defeat of General Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn remains legendary.
After a life devoted to his people, he is betrayed by them and is killed by a soldier's bayonet.

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