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Disasters of Western Canada
Courage Amidst the Chaos
Disasters of Western Canada Cover
Western Canada has had its share of disasters, both natural and man-made. The devastation, loss of life and courage in the face of adversity make for powerful and poignant stories that are well told in this collection by bestselling author Tony Hollihan. Among them:

∑ In the early morning hours of April 29, 1903, millions of tonnes of limestone fell from the face of Turtle Mountain, burying part of the town of Frank, Alberta, and killing an estimated 76 people.

∑ Just 11 years later, 189 men died in the worst coal-mining disaster in Canadian history in the Hillcrest mine in June 1914.

∑ Manitoba's Red River has brought disaster many times in the form of mighty floods, but never more savagely than when more than 100,000 Winnipeg residents were forced from their homes in 1950.

∑ In March 1941, a massive blizzard swept across the Prairies, killing 76 people.

These accounts and many more make Disasters of Western Canada a must-read for those with a penchant for powerful human dramas and our own colourful history.

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