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Famous Actors Box Set
Johnny Depp,Brad Pitt,Russell Crowe

Stone Wallace
stone_wallace Photo STONE WALLACE is an accomplished author, as well as an actor, director and broadcaster. He has published five novels, including the bestseller Blood Moon. Dustbowl Desperadoes: Gangsters of the Dirty 30s is Wallace's second work of nonfiction and his first book for Folklore Publishing. Stone Wallace has appeared on both stage and screen in a variety of roles for theatre, television and film.

Peter Boer
peter_boer Photo PETER BOER is an author and journalist based in St. Albert, Alberta, and is a co-editor for the St. Albert Gazette newspaper. He has a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta and a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University. He has more than 12 other books to his credit.

Colin MacLean
colin_maclean Photo Colin MacLean began his career as a child actor in New Brunswick nearly half a century ago. Since then he has worked in just about every aspect of broadcasting, with regular duties on radio and television. During his two decades as an arts reporter for Canada Now and CBC News. Colin's film reviews and celebrity interviews were syndicated to television stations all over the country. He spoke with some of the top names in show business and is now turning his experiences into star biographies.