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Canadian War Heroes Box Set
Canadian War Heroes,Canadian Peacekeepers,Canadian Spies & Spies in Canada

Giancarlo La Giorgia
giancarlo_la_giorgia Photo Giancarlo La Giorgia is a freelance journalist and amateur documentary filmaker with a keen interest in history. Born and raised in Montreal, his writing career began while studying journalism at Concordia University. Since graduating, he has worked as a producer, writer and editor on a number of television and film projects. Canadian War Heroes is his first book.

Norman Leach
norman_leach Photo NORMAN S. LEACH is an historian, freelance writer, and professional speaker from Calgary, Alberta. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, where he majored in Strategic Studies, he focuses on pre-1919 Canadian history, particularly military history. He was named an honorary peacekeeper by the Canadian Armed Forces for his contributions to the Princess Patriciaís Canadian Light Infantry. This is his second book for Folklore Publishing, the first being Canadian Peacekeepers. Most recently, Leach was the historical advisor on the Paul Gross production of the film Passchendaele.

Peter Boer
peter_boer Photo PETER BOER is an author and journalist based in St. Albert, Alberta, and is a co-editor for the St. Albert Gazette newspaper. He has a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta and a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University. He has more than 12 other books to his credit.