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Growing Up Hockey
The Life and Times of Everyone Who Ever Loved the Game
Growing Up Hockey Cover
If “only an honest book can live,” as Emerson said, then Growing Up Hockey is immortal. It’s the story of everyone who plays or cares about the game. It’s warm reading for a cold night. Or any night.
–Jack Falla
Author of Home Ice

Many of us grew up scoring a thousand glorious NHL goals in our minds, and on our streets and corner rinks. We won the Stanley Cup over and over—in our imaginations. What happened to those childhood heroics? We packed them in a box with our hockey cards and forgot them.

Growing Up Hockey uses the heartwarming and comical exploits of a house-league third-liner to prompt us to re-live our memories of hockey glory. It shows that for those who love it, the game is never far away.

Bobby Hull, Frank Mahovlich, Wayne Gretzky—they’re all here. But equally large are the neighbourhood rink bullies, the Pee Wee league super-starts and the obsessed NHL aficionados. Together, they create a hockey myth as grand as ever existed and as unique
as each of us.

Price: Canada $19.95    U.S.A. $19.95 A Folklore Publishing title exclusively distributed by Lone Pine Publishing.
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-894864-65-7
ISBN-10: 1-894864-65-4
Page Count: 370
Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.50"