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Canadian Battles
Canada's Role in Major World Conflicts
Canadian Battles Cover
Canadian soldiers, sailors and pilots have fought consistently above their weight class in the forefront of the world's major conflicts. And it was a Canadian, Lester B. Pearson, whose idea of a peacekeeping force defined Canada's world role in a new way, drawing respect and recognition from countries around the world:

* Afghanistan: Operation Medusa, an attempt to retake the Panjwavi District in Kandahar Province from the Taliban, turned into a deadly battle for Canadian troops

* Croatia: Sent as peacekeepers, Canadian soldiers engaged in fierce action and were respected for their role in quelling the civil war and genocide

* Korea: Members of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry repelled a massive Chinese attack and won the only U.S. Presidential Citation ever awarded to a Canadian battalion

* World War II: In some of the fiercest battles of the war, Canadian forces were in the forefront during the Dieppe Raid, D-Day and the Battle of the Atlantic

* Siberia: Who knew that Canadians fought the Bolsheviks in eastern Russia at the end of World War I?

* War of 1812: Les Canadiens and the British troops fought to defend Canada, while Laura Secord walked into history

* Seven Years' War: During a naval blockade on the Restigouche River, a French fleet was destroyed at the cost of only 24 British casualties.

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