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Canada vs United States
How Canada is So Much Better than America
Canada vs United States Cover
Jeff Pearce's book is a humungous, hilarious and controversial wave of the Maple Leaf and reveals that Canadian nationalism is in the

Next time you're in a bar with an American who is putting down our money, our health care system or our lack of Tec-9 semi-automatics available to 12-year-olds, you can say, ''Oh, yeah? Did you know that according to the United Nations survey on such-and-such...?''

Provocative and insightful, Canada vs. United States demonstrates how Canada holds its own and even outperforms the U.S. in such areas as the economy, arts, quality of life, banking, law enforcement and even sex (ahem, especially sex).

You may know that Canada is BIGGER in land mass and has WAY MORE natural resources;

BUT, you may not know...

* Canadians have less debt
* Canadians are better educated
* Canadians get more vacation days and yet we work harder
* The Canadian military hasnít cared about gays in the ranks for years, and that same military kicked the Americans back across the border each time they invaded!
* Our health care system is better
* Our national police force--the RCMP--has a better reputation
* Canada is known and respected for its peacekeeping and peacemaking

AND...Canadians even live longer!

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