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Dictionary of Canadianisms
How to Speak Canadian, Eh
Dictionary of Canadianisms Cover
More than one long joke about “Oot and aboot,” this book details how those in Canada speak more than just English or French. We have a vocabulary—and a number of dialects—all our own. So, sit on the chesterfield with a box of timbits and read this tongue-incheek take on Canada’s unofficial language.

airsome: Cold, fresh or bracing weather, especially in Newfoundland.
"Tis an airsome day this mornin'."

any-sex season: LThis rarely heard hunting term refers to an open season when it is legal to shoot either male or female moose or deer. However, for thousands of Canadian university students it could just as easily refer to reading week.

(L’)affaire est ketchup: “Everything’s OK,” in some French Canadian dialects.
“Comment çava, mon ami?” (How are things my friend?)
“L’affaire est ketchup.”

up at crow piss: On PEI, a euphemism for getting up early.
“What’re you yawning for? It’s only lunch time.”
“I was up at crow piss this morning.”

double double: When ordering coffee, to ask for two creams and two sugars. “One small black coffee, two medium regular and one large double double.” In recent years this has become a famous Canadianism and has even been added to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.

brain bucket: In hockey parlance, a helmet worn during play to
protect the cranium.
"Did he just score on his own net?"
"Yup. He really should have started wearing the old brain bucket earlier in his career."

And so much more…

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