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Ghost Stories of Indiana
Ghost Stories of Indiana Cover
Indiana, Crossroads of America, is known as a place rich in folklore, where spirits and ghosts intermingle with the lives of ordinary Hoosiers, often with strange and frightening consequences.

A woman in Greene County discovers that the frightening vision of a tombstone in her living room was a premonition of her husband's death.

A former Indiana University student stalks fellow students in vivid and terrifying nightmares.

Shrunken heads, a peculiar hidden altar and chilling screams in the night in an Indiana University residence lead the tenants to hold a sťance.

Blue lights, once hung on a now-demolished Indianapolis mansion, mysteriously still glow in the night sky.

The friendly ghost of Thomas Taggart is still making sure things run smoothly at the French Lick Springs Grand Hotel.

The mischievous ghost of former football hero George Gipp spooks students at University of Notre Dame's Washington Hall.

Amelia Earhart's spirit returns to spend time at her old haunt, Purdue University.

An arsonist spirit sets dozens of fires in an Odon home, driving the family to tear the whole house down.

The specter of a riverman killed by pirates a century ago wanders the banks of the Ohio River searching for his missing head.

The lantern light of a grieving father can be seen every night on Spook Light Hill as he wanders in search of his beloved daughter's murderer.

Once the site of a gruesome massacre, a farmhouse near Valparaiso now hosts ghostly hallucinations of severed heads.

From dancing orbs to headless apparitions, numerous friendly and frightening ghosts haunt every corner of the Hoosier State.

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