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Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania
Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania Cover
The rich history of Pennsylvania is filled with the unexplained: frightening specters, mysterious apparitions and haunted buildings. Join Dan Asfar as he recounts the Keystone State's most intriguing ghost stories:

* Phantoms materialize and eerie lights flash at historic Gettysburg, America's most famous -- and haunted -- battlefield

* In a fountain at the notorious Baleroy Mansion in Philadelphia, a young boy sees a skull in place of his own reflection -- a strange premonition of his sudden death a month later

* Every New Year's Day, the spirit of colonial war hero Anthony Wayne wanders Route 322, still frustrated that his earthly remains were buried in separate graves

* A three-year-old girl takes a fatal fall while her father paints her portrait, causing it to be inexplicably possessed by her forlorn spirit

* While painting a mural on the walls of a Millvale church, renowned painter Maxo Vanka is visited by the terrifying specter of a long-dead priest

* Two mysterious suicides cause a spike in paranormal activity in Tamaqua's haunted Elks Club

* Under the influence of an otherworldly force, a backwoods recluse kills a man, initiating a bizarre chain of events on Hawk Mountain

* Deceased convicts, driven to insanity by abuse, return to haunt the Eastern State Penitentiary, the first prison where solitary confinement was used

* Plaintive choral strains waft over Loyalsock Creek near Williamsport -- a lasting reminder of a young woman's death.

With strange and often terrifying consequences, Pennsylvania ghosts appear in Pittsburgh, Radnor, Newtown, Lancaster, Hollidaysburg, Bedford, Altoona, New Hope, London Britain Township and more.

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