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Ghost Stories of Ohio
Ghost Stories of Ohio Cover
Crack open this book and you'll enter the strange world of Ohio's paranormal legacy:

as revenge against his faithless fiancee, an Egypt Pike man spends his afterlife terrifying contented lovers who cross the bridge where he took his own life;

inexplicable events recur in the cemeteries of Athens, whose association with the occult has made it one of the most haunted cities in America;

at the site of a horrific train wreck that claimed nearly a hundred lives, the ghosts of victims return in search of answers;

the inspiration behind a recent motion picture, a mysterious mothman baffles terrified witnesses on the Ohio-West Virginia border;

the bizarre earthen structure known as the Serpent Mound continues to mystify the experts, who can only speculate on its origins and purpose;

before he became a renowned writer and cartoonist, James Thurber encountered the ghost of a suicidal husband at his childhood home in Columbus;

the playful specter of Anna Taft frequents Cincinnati's lavish Taft Museum to show she hasn't lost her love for the arts;

after newlyweds replace mislaid gravestones in a local cemetery, the paranomal activity in their historic home mysteriously stops;

the ghosts of Franklin Castle in Cleveland, still considered one of Ohio's most infamous haunted homes, reflect more than a century of haunted history;

paranormal researchers make intriguing discoveries at the Mansfield Reformatory, an eerie old prison where inhumane treatment and mysterious deaths were commonplace;

spirits of the Civil War wander the state, from runaway slaves seeking refuge along the Underground Railroad to Confederate prisoners of war on Johnson's Island.

For anyone interested in the paranormal, GHOST STORIES OF OHIO is sure to prove a chilling and unforgettable treat.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-894877-09-1
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Page Count: 192
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Series # 10