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Ghost Stories of America — Volume I
Ghost Stories of America Cover
The rich and fascinating history of the United States has given rise to countless stories of the supernatural. Join the authors as they search the country for the most frightening, tragic and uplifting spirits, whose struggles in life are reflected in a haunted hereafter:

the malevolent spirits of "Machine Gun" Kelly and Al Capone remain incarcerated in Alcatraz, still considered one of the most haunted places in America;

in a story that inspired a major Hollywood motion picture, an Iowa family summons an exorcist to expel a devil from an innocent girl;

when outraged citizens mutilate the corpse of a 19th-century killer, he exacts revenge by haunting the New Jersey house where his dreams were shattered;

two sisters wander the Octagon Mansion in Washington, D.C., where both tumped to their deaths on a winding stairwell;

melancholy in life, Hawaiian patriot Queen Liliuokalani returns after death, now overjoyed by her state's resurgent pride;

the haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis remains inextricably linked to the rise and tragic fall of one of America's most interesting - and suicidal - brewery families;

Vicksburg, Mississippi, once the site of a decisive Civil War confrontation, is still home to the bloody apparition of a murdered Union soldier;

in Alaska's Red Onion Saloon, spirits of former prospectors and courtesans relive the fleeting glory of the Klondike Gold Rush;

at Woodburn House, the official governor's residence in Delaware, a specter continues to indulge his penchant for fine wine;

during snowstorms like the one that claimed her life, a former University of North Dakota student materializes out of nowhere - missing her legs and feet.

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