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Ghost Stories of New England
Ghost Stories of New England Cover
In this fascinating collection, Susan Smitten hunts down New England's most chilling and intriguing ghosts, from vengeful poltergeists and doomed witches to heroic patriots and heartless pirates. Based largely on eyewitness accounts, these stories will thrill and terrify, showing why the region is one of America's most haunted.

The staff at a New Hampshire tavern recall their incredible encounters with Elizabeth, a tragic spirit who was killed by her jealous husband more than 250 years ago

manic residents of Exeter, Rhode Island, exhume the body of suspected vampire Mercy Brown, convinced her evil presence is behind a series of 19th-century deaths

when a portrait of her fiance turns ghostly pale, a Massachusetts woman realizes that he will never return home from a long overseas journey

locals continue to hear a phantom piano play at Seguin Island Light in Maine - an eerie reminder of a tragic murder and suicide

off Cape Cod, ships inexplicably vanish in the so-called Gloucester Triangle, a North Atlantic equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle

following the disappearance of a French paymaster from a Connecticut hotel in 1781, a headless ghost begins to terrify travelers on a nearby road

paranormal researchers investigate Dudleytown, Connecticut, an infamous ghost town whose colonial residents were plagued with insanity and dementia

during a violent storm, the Charles Haskell rams into another vessel, drowning all aboard and causing a phantom fishing crew to materialize a few months later

the spirt of a 13-year-old boy returns to a bridge near Hartland, Vermont - the very place where he watched his father perish in a tragic train wreck

after mutinous crewmen steal and hide his booty, a pirate captain kills them, causing their ghosts to appear near Harpswell, Maine.

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