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Ghost Stories of Oregon
Ghost Stories of Oregon Cover
Oregon's frontier history and mysterious beauty have given rise to many haunting stories of the unexplained. In this spine-tingling collection, Susan Smitten uncovers the frightening spirits, supernatural phenomena and haunted buildings that have made the Beaver State a wellspring of paranormal activity:

at the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill, gravity and light are distorted in one of the world's most bizarre paranormal anomalies;

originally a watering hole for immigrant workers, Portland's White Eagle remains home to the colorful spirits of Sam the cook, Rose the courtesan and a mysterious Chinese bouncer;

a phantom stagecoach rolls up to the site of the Galesville Hotel in Douglas County - a structure that burned to the ground in 1931;

once the victim of a near-fatal cougar attack, the Phantom Bugler now haunts the woods near Forest Grove, using an oversize horn to bludgeon his victims;

a lighthouse keeper at the breathtaking Tillamook Lighthouse watches in dismay as a phantom schooner founders on the rocks - then vanishes;

as a reminder of his heroic wartime sacrifice, the spirit of a decorated soldier returns to the Portland army base that bears his name;

the spirit of Charles Laughton, the renowned actor of the silver screen, lingers backstage at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival;

at the Oregon Caves Lodge, the ghost of a newlywed bride returns to the room where she witnessed her husband's infidelity firsthand - and took her own life;

wrapped in oozing bandages and reeking of rotting flesh, a repulsive mummy terrorizes motorists on an eerie stretch of Highway 101;

with their knack for divining haunted properties, microbrew giants Brian and Mike McMenamin reign over a veritable empire of haunted pubs, roadhouses and hotels.

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Page Count: 216
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