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Ghost Stories of the Old South
Ghost Stories of the Old South Cover
The Old South has a rich and fascinating history, filled with extravagant personalities. This collection from ghost researcher Edrick Thay explores centers of paranormal lore, such as Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans, as well as 32 spine-tingling stories from Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Virginia.

* The spirits of Marie Laveau and her daughter lead a group of ethereal followers to Bayou St. John in New Orleans, where they practice voodoo

* Security guards hear ghostly voices in the Tennessee State Capitol, where two of the original building planners, long since dead, still quarrel over the details

* The scandalous tale of John McGee Parkman culminates in the haunting of his former residence in Selma, Alabama

* The resident spirit of the Pink House in Savannah, Georgia, is pleased when guests enjoy their visit to his former home

* Still mourning the loss of her true love, the ghost of Helen Johnstone returns to the Chapel of the Cross in Madison, Mississippi

* The ghosts of two star-crossed lovers materialize in Castillo de San Marcos in Florida, the first permanent European settlement in the United States

* For hundreds of years, the Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina have fascinated the local Cherokees -- and baffled scientists

* Strange sounds, including phantom footfalls and loud crashes, recur at Orna Villa in Oxford, Georgia

* In Charleston, South Carolina, eyewitnesses see the spirit of the former headmistress, still watching over Sword Gate.

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