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Ghost Stories of Louisiana
Ghost Stories of Louisiana Cover
In Louisiana, disbelief in ghosts is not an option. Some of the best-known hauntings in the country are the unsettled spirits that have roamed the bustling French Quarter of New Orleans since its early days. But while the Crescent City teems with historic paranormal characters, the rest of Louisiana is also rife with intriguing and eerie ghost stories. Come explore the Pelican State and uncover its historic supernatural stars:

* The ghost of an old woman killed in a car accident returns to her Baton Rouge home to comfort her grieving family

* A young girl's spirit haunts several generations of a family in New Orleans' Garden District

* Visitors and staff at Oak Alley Plantation, St. James Parish, regularly encounter strange sights and frightening sounds

* A mysterious foreigner known only as ''the Sultan'' is massacred along with his servants, forever shrouding his French Quarter dwelling in the mysterious legend of his demise

* Myriad spirits roam the rooms and halls of Myrtles Plantation of St. Francisville, already famous for the eerie tales from its past

* In life, Marie Laveau was undisputed voodoo queen of New Orleans; in death, she still imbues the city with dark magic.

And many more...

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