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Haunted Houses
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With their blend of captivating history and ethereal residents, haunted houses have long been considered the most exciting haunted places. In this long-awaited collection, Edrick Thay explores the spirits in the most haunted properties, from poltergeists that have inspired major Hollywood movies to grumpy spirits awakened by renovations to historic homes:

mortally wounded in an 18th-century duel, a poet wanders his former home in Charleston, South Carolina, eternally in search of his lost love;

in Amityville, New York, an ordinary family is terrified by poltergeists in one of America's most controversial haunted houses;

Abraham Lincoln, whose wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was deeply interested in the paranormal, haunts the White House in Washington, DC;

fascinating spirits roam San Diego's Whaley House, formerly the site of some dramatic executions;

King Henry VIII and Herne the Hunter haunt Windsor Castle in England, still considered one of the country's most haunted places;

the spirit of Thomas Chandler Haliburton, the colorful creator of Sam Slick, returns to his former dwelling in Windsor, Nova Scotia;

in Galveston, Texas, a fiercely independent yet forlorn woman haunts Ashton Villa, a mysterious structure that survived a massive hurricane;

the ghosts of Liberty Hall in Kentucky include the famous Gray Lady, who likes to tuck people into bed;

as a reminder of William Lyon Mackenzie's political fervor, a printing press in his former Toronto home jumps into action, free of human hands;

Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans, once owned by a sadistic southern mistress, is home to some tragic spirits who perished within.

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