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Ghost Stories of America — Volume II
Ghost Stories of America Cover
This eagerly anticipated sequel brings together fascinating stories from over 200 years of haunted history in America. Covering every region and every era, ghost chronicler A.S. Mott explores the nation's most infamous spirits, paranormal phenomena and haunted places, making this collection essential reading for skeptics and believers alike. Some of the stories you'll read:

a proud Confederate woman, hanged after a failed prison break, returns to terrorize soldiers at Fort Warren in Massachusetts;

many famous spirits, including several presidents and first ladies, haunt the world's most famous address, the White House;

under the influence of a long-dead literary muse, an ordinary St. Louis woman creates some fascinating works of literature;

in Cimarron, New Mexico, the ghost of a cardsharp returns to the hotel that he won - and lost just as quickly - in a dramatic card game;

after being transported to another time, a secretary unravels the mystery behind her otherworldly experience at Wesleyan College in Nebraska;

in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a duel claims the life of a rebellious student whose unlikely love affair with a local beauty endures beyond the grave;

blessed with a variety of supernatural gifts, an itinerant family of Vermont mediums discovers that their unusual powers inspire both awe and anger;

in Louisville, Kentucky, paranormal investigators flock to the dilapidated Waverly Hills Sanatorium, formerly a tuberculosis clinic;

a Connecticut minister is shocked when he discovers the identity of a vicious poltergeist in his home;

a former high school in Seattle is home to an adolescent specter who likes to play practical jokes - especially on pretty teenage girls.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-894877-31-2
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Page Count: 248
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