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Haunted Schools
Ghost Stories and Strange Tales
Haunted Schools Cover
In spite of their rational approach to education, schools are often hotbeds of the unexplained, where ghosts terrify the living with lessons they won't soon forget:

construction workers quit out of sheer frustration when mischievous ghosts hamper the demolition of Metz Elementary School in Austin, Texas;

while listening to music outside her high school, a punk rock girl is bitten by a deadly snake, causing her spirit to haunt the school forever;

a student is suspected in the mysterious drowning death - and ghostly return - of a beautiful young teacher at Stivers Middle School in Ohio;

at the University of Toronto, the spirit of a jealous lover, murdered long ago, roams the gothic corridors where his body was hidden behind a stairwell wall;

after perishing in a strange hazing incident in Port Chester, New York, the specter of a high school student returns to torment the boys responsible for his death;

students and staff at a North Carolina school experience bizarre paranormal phenomena on the first day of school - perhaps because their school stands atop a former graveyard;

badly burned in a propane tank explosion, a courageous student at a Missouri university returns after death to haunt the dorm where she once lived;

at Dundas District Public School in Ontario, a group of janitors forge a strange pact to wander the halls after death;

after a Michigan shop teacher is fatally wounded in a saw accident, his ghost returns to haunt his former classroom.

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