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Victorian Ghost Stories
Victorian Ghost Stories Cover
The Victorian era was a golden age of the paranormal, reflecting a society on the brink of madness. Famous writers, such as Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe, created fantastic tales that remain the models for contemporary ghost stories. Meanwhile, the larger-than-life personalities of era--ranging from body-snatchers and charlatans to mad scientists and psychics--enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Join bestselling author Jo-Anne Christensen as she explores the most bizarre and remarkable stories from this fascinating era of haunted history.

Psychic mediums such as Agnes Guppy and Madame Blavatsky rise to great prominence

In one of the era's notorious unsolved mysteries, a ship sets sail in 1890 and is not seen again for 23 years

The Fox sisters ignite America's fever for spiritualism when they make contact with a spirit they call "Mr. Splitfoot."

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