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Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals
Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals Cover
Can animals return as ghosts? "Definitely," says paranormal storyteller Darren Zenko. Some ghost animals, especially pets, prove their loyalty in the afterlife, while others, such as Great Britain's Black Dogs, return to terrify the living. The stories in this remarkable new collection, based largely on eyewitness accounts, will inspire and astound, confirming the special bond between the human and animal worlds.

An old tomcat sends a premonition of his death to his master--on the other side of the Atlantic

in a mountainous area of Ohio, the spirit of a legendary ghost wolf makes it final stand against some malicious hunters

in the Hanging Hills of Connecticut, the spirit of an adorable puppy lures hikers to their deaths

a phantom bear stalks the halls of the Tower of London

majestic as ever, the ghost horses of President Lincoln's funeral procession continue their proud march

in rural Alberta, a loyal hound's spirit returns to save her mistress from the clutches of drug addiction

a dead mynah bird uses his talent for mimickry to say goodbye to his family

Gef, an elusive talking mongoose, turns a cottage on the Isle of Man into an international paranormal sensation

near Virginia City, Nevada, the spirit of a camel materializes, led by a dead man

a ghostly herd of horses, killed long ago, rumble through Texas' breathtaking Palo Duro Canyon.

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