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Ghost Stories of London
Ghost Stories of London Cover
With its rich 2000-year-old history and larger-than-life personalities, London has long been considered one of the world's most haunted locales. In this fascinating new collection, storyteller Edrick Thay combs the city's historic streets and haunted buildings in search of the most terrifying and interesting ghosts from both past and present.

In armory of the Tower of London, a mysterious force throws a cloak over a guard's head and begins to choke him.

The spirit of a woman who murdered her children races around the tombstones at Highgate Cemetery, probably as penance for her unspeakable crime.

Wavering on the edge, suicidal ghosts appear atop Cleopatra's Needle, London's ancient obelisk.

A famous stage actor, who was stabbed to death outside the Adelphi Theater in 1897, revisits his former stomping grounds for an otherworldly encore.

The historic Holland House, now a youth hostel, is home to the terrifying spirit of Henry Rich, who floats through a concealed door carrying his severed head.

At the British Museum, an Egyptian mummy causes several unexplained deaths, leading many to label it as cursed.

The ghost of Catherine Howard, one of Henry VIII's luckless wives, haunts a chapel at Hampton Court, site of her scandalous and ultimately fatal love affair.

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