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Ghost Stories of Christmas Box Set II
Haunted Christmas, Ghost Stories of Christmas and Fireside Ghost Stories

Jo-Anne Christensen
jo-anne_christensen Photo JO-ANNE CHRISTENSEN is the author of more than a dozen books, ranging from collections of fictional ghost stories to researched accounts of paranormal phenomena. She is both a full-time writer and a full-time mom.

A.S. Mott
as_mott Photo As a child, A.S. Mott didn't like to play outside. Born with the nocturnal instincts of a vampire, Mott preferred the dark confines of his parents' basement. There he fed not on the blood of others but on a steady diet of scary movies and the most frightening books he could find. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that this enemy of sunlight would choose to write about the supernatural. Mott cites among his current influences such writers as Martin Amis, Stephen King and Joss Whedon (creator of the TV cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Mott still can be found spending most of his time in the dark, either watching another cheesy horror movie or working on his latest book.