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Cottage Country Ghosts
Ontario Hauntings
by Maria da Silva and Andrew Hind
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Cottage country: the land is beautiful, but it can also be harsh. As much as it is known today as an idyllic vacation spot, so much was it also a place of hardship and heartache in the past. So the next time you’re camping, hiking or just out at the cottage enjoying the peace and serenity of the landscape before you, watch out for these ghosts:

• Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge in home to several spirits, most prominently Judge William C. Mahaffy, who still walks about the place as if he owns it

• the RMS Segwun, Muskoka’s last operating steamship, has at least one ghost aboard who refuses to disembark

• the ghost of Marilyn Monroe herself may haunt chalet 15 at Yesterday’s Resort on the French River

• in Cobalt, the Right of Way Mine’s old head frame is haunted by the ghosts of miners who lost their lives in the quest for silver

• a ghost wagon pulled by phantom horses, an undead driver at the reins, is occasionally seen on an old logging road near Dollar’s Lake, trying to complete the journey that was tragically cut short

• though the living congregration has moved on, spirits remain faithful at St. George’s Anglican Church in Cooper’s Falls

• the Reverend and Mrs. Hill still preside over their home, despite the fact that both of them are long dead and their house is now part of the pioneer village at Muskoka Heritage Place

• the curse that taints the Manitou Islands in Lake Nipissing stems from a tragic tale of love and cruelty

…and more.

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