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How the English Created Canada
An Intriguing History of Explorers, Rogues, Fur Traders, Pioneers, Prime Ministers, Heroes and Scoundrels
How the English Created Canada Cover
Jeff Pearce's irreverent romp through the annals of the history of the English in Canada:

* This was the territory that England used as the staging ground for many battles and wars with the French and the Americans

* It was an Englishman, John Graves Simcoe, who enacted the first anti-slavery act for the entire British Empire...right here in Canada!

* Sir Isaac Brock was a larger-than-life hero of the war of 1812, who dared a duelist to shoot at him from the distance of the width of a handkerchief and who bluffed his way into capturing Detroit

* Get to know the fabulous fraud Grey Owl, who didn't want to be an Englishman at all and who started the conservationist movement

* Our English connects help explain the October Crisis, an episode in our history still greatly misunderstood

* The British North America Act (BNA) governed Canada until our constitution was repatriated in 1981.

So make yourself a cup of tea and tuck into an insightful and intriguing chronicle of how there will always be an Canada.

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